About Us


Norfolk Area Pride is a non-profit organization that provides services, community education, safety, awareness and support for LGBTQ+ individuals in Northeast Nebraska.

We celebrated our 3rd Annual Pride Festival!

Historic first Norfolk Area Pride Festival was held on September 18th, 2021!

Name Changed to Norfolk Area Pride.

Planning for the first-ever family-friendly Pride Festival in Norfolk - COVID-19 had other plans.

 Established as River Valley Pride.

David Cockrum, a physician with Faith Regional Health Services, knew Norfolk needed a Pride organization and that the Norfolk Area was ready to support one.

Our Board is made up of members of the LGBTQ+ Community, Mama Bears, and allies. If you are interested in being a board member, please email us

Jen Ippensen, President

Jen Ippensen (she/her) is originally from Worms, Nebraska and has lived and worked in many places, from New York City to large and small towns in middle America; she now resides with her family in Norfolk. Jen spent many years as an English/Language Arts educator, competitive speech coach, theatre director, and more before taking on her current role as Director of Library Services at Northeast Community College. She co-founded Vast Literary Press in 2021 where she is co-editor-in-chief of Vast Chasm Magazine, a publication dedicated to exploring the expansive human experience and celebrating complex, diverse voices. She is a teaching artist and a writer of literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and the occasional poem. In all these endeavors, Jen strives to create community, support truth and understanding, and help people feel welcome, safe, and respected.

Mo Bailey, Past President

Mo Bailey (she/her) of Norfolk, NE is an Empowerment Coach, business consultant, captivating speaker, and the Lead Organizer of the Nebraska Organizing Project. The common threads through all of Mo’s work are personal growth, vibrant community, and story. Mo deeply believes in the power of story to connect, heal, and inspire people. Mo’s purpose in life extends beyond her professional roles. She deeply values creating safe spaces where all people feel worthy of belonging. Her work with CASA, the Rise Collective, and Norfolk Area Pride is her way of trying to make her corner of the world a better place. Mo lives with the four loves of her life: her wife, Angie; their baby, Beau; and their 2 dogs, Oaklie and Myla. Mo and Angie co-facilitate the High School Peer Group through Norfolk Area Pride.

Angie Bailey, Secretary

Angie (she/her) is an IT Asset Management Specialist. In 2020, she moved to Norfolk from Sioux Falls, SD, the largest city in SD with an established Pride organization and LGBTQ+ community. Angie immediately became involved in Norfolk Area Pride, which helped her adjust, make new friends, find a safe place and feel like she belonged in a new community. Angie also facilitates the organization's youth peer groups, alongside her wife, Mo. Angie strives to help individuals in the area feel like they can be their authentic selves and live in a safe community where they feel a sense of belonging.  Angie is married to Mo Bailey, who is the current President of the board. They have one miniature dachshund, Oaklie and a mutt, Myla. Mo and Angie co-facilitate the High School and Jr. High Peer Groups through Norfolk Area Pride.

Daniel Vosburg Jr, Treasurer

Daniel (he/him) is a workaholic that can be found either working from home as a Senior Software Engineer, working for the City of Norfolk, or working at his family’s store - V’z Oddz and Endz. Daniel moved to Norfolk against his will with his family when he was 6 months old. Although he has visited and lived in a few bigger cities he has always found Norfolk’s size, peace n’ quiet, and ability to drive through in 15 mins homey. Daniel is proud to be a part of Norfolk Area Pride as it reminds him of what his mother, Raylee Vosburg, taught him when he was little, everyone matters no matter their shape, size, color, religion nor who they love. 

Dawn Phelps, Director

Dawn (she/her) is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, and ally. Taking to heart Jesus' command in the gospels to "Love one another," she strives to follow His example of communing with and supporting marginalized people. She lives in Norfolk with her family. Dawn co-facilitates the Parent Peer Group through Norfolk Area Pride.

Stella Ippensen, Youth Director

Stella Ippensen (she/her) is a bi student at Norfolk High School where she in involved in many activities, including: Theatre, Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Choir, and taking Honors classes. In her free time she enjoys being gay, making bracelets, spending time with her dog, Scout, and volunteering to help local organizations. Stella attends the monthly Pride teen peer group and is excited to be the first youth board member.

Jessie Peyregne, Director

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Mark Shashikant, Director

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Amber Windle, Director

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Brooke Pelster-Hess, Director

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Steph Mattern, Director

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Elizabeth Vosburg, Director

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